Slack + Trello: An amazing combination

Ramit Surana · January 7, 2016

There’s a reason DevOps culture values effective communication and collaboration so highly. In an industry where distributed offices full of crucial roles are the norm — and one where even departments within the same buildings tend to distrust one another — any improvement in the way people interact is bound to have some positive results, especially when so many moving parts need to work together for a product to come in on time and under budget. - Source

Communication is one of the most important aspects for any company. And for a [boutique DevOps consulting firm][1] like us, it’s extremely important to eat our own dog food i.e having seamless internal communication.

Tools like Skype, email, dropbox etc. have been used for quite sometime but we were still feeling the pain. We are a geographically distributed and rapidly growing team and it was becoming hard for all of us to be on same page.

We were looking for a dynamic solution which is scalable, integrable to outer systems and - we found it. YES!

Like Siskel and Ebert, Sigfried and Roy, peanut butter and jelly, there’s another dynamic duo that just got even better: Slack and Trello.

trello slack

What is Slack ?

Slack is a simple messaging service platform build for efficient team collaboration and communication.Around the globe using Slack is quite easy and highly useful.

Slack has some great features that makes it easy and fun to communicate with. From the starting of our usage with slack, we are very impressed with its performance, UI and capabilities.

The emojis are the best part about creating fun in the communication environment. Emoji are a spin on common emoticons, which you can use to enhance your Slack messages.

In the age of modern era, we need a bot to solve our problems like scheduling,reminders etc. Slackbot is an automated robot that helped us in so many ways. We use it for scheduling, reminders, syncing etc. With the help of these features within Slack, it has definitely made our work life much easier than ever before.


What is Trello ?

Trello is a an awesome project management tool that makes collaboration easy. Whether you’re organizing work projects, family chores, travel plans, or just about anything else, Trello is always a helpful tool for you.

In our case, we have a slack channel for each Trello board. We use Trello to pin down our tasks and set up deadlines and slack channels for all communication around it. Trust me, it works like charm. And, it’s FREE!



Trello and Slack are both great tools in there usage. They set an excellent example on how communication and management can be done in an efficient manner across remote locations in a company.

We are having fun enjoying the combination of the two, when are you planning on getting started ? :)

Got your own story about adopting slack, tell us in the comments.

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